Solar Water
Heating Technology
We offer flexible residential and industrial solar energy
solutions which help your business to grow
Water Treatment
and accessories
Treating residential and industrial inlet water
with a wide range of tools and accessories
Waste Water
and Accessories
Treating and purifying waste water
to be 100% valid for reuse

Why choose Lösung

We’re continually working to change the way people think about and engage with solar heating & energy.


Our products and services are instantly available to all our clients and are within a phonecall away

Designed in Canada

Our products are designed in Canada and come with a warranty, quality always remains our number one goal!


When working with Solar Solutions S.A.R.L, Transparency is always present at the closure of every deal.


Our products always comply with how your exterior residential & industrial finishing looks with our team of architects and design consultants to provide quality and esthetic installation

Our Beliefs

Learn more about the ways in which our innovation is helping evolve expectations for businesses and manufacturers alike.



Passion to protect the environment

Quality of our products and services

2021 Numbers

A new story is beginning with a new vision for the future, an expertise across the entire industry cycle and the ambition to give energy its full value

Maintenance visits
Installations completed

Lösung established in Canada

is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of the solar thermal vacuum tube system.

The unique design of our system uses vacuum technology to ensure the most effective transfer of energy into heat.

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