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Experts in Solar Systems Services & Water purification Technologies delivering high quality services through highly skilled technical consultants, providing the type of flexibility that ensures projects run smoothly.




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Solar Solutions

Our history

2009. Foundation

Solar Solutions SARL was established in 2009 concentrating on the Bekaa area

2010. the Birth of LÖSUNG

LÖSUNG became the leader in the Bekaa area

2012. Ministry of Energy Classification

In the year 2012, we were classified among the biggest companies in Lebanon by the Ministry of Energy, this is due to our professional approach in having the best quality for our products, and concentrating on the after-sales service.

2014. Product of the Year award

In the year 2014, we were the first company to win the “Product Of The Year Award” for having the best Solar Water Heating system in the Lebanon.

2017. The Birth of LÖWater System

After 8 dedicated years and more than 5,000 satisfied customers in the coldest and hardest environment in the eastern part of Lebanon when it comes to renewable energy, and being a witness to the suffering of our clients concerning the quality of the available water supply in Lebanon, we expanded our product line to include our Water filtering solution “LÖ Water System”.


Our goals are set and our targets are made to reach every household and industry that requires hot water in Lebanon Our mission consists of 4 main ideas:
-Saving the environment from burning fuel to generate hot water
-Reducing the energy production bill by benefiting from the free energy of the Sun
-Purify our water supply to insure our children’s health -Help our beloved Lebanon to “Go Green”

Core Values

Our core values serve us as a compass for our actions
• Leadership
• Collaboration
• Creating Awareness
• Educating
• Passion to protect the environment
• Quality of our products and services


Solar Solutions SARL is committed to each existing and potential customer satisfaction through the quality of our exceptional products and services.
Our aim is to make “Going Solar” an effortless experience and watch it on every roof top in Lebanon
We work hard to achieve a “Win-Win” scenario with both our customers and employees

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About us
About us
About us
About us